Notta Ranch Speckle Parks

Established in 1998, Notta Ranch is family owned and operated by Jason and Sara Goodfellow. We have a moderate sized herd of Speckle Park cattle. Our Speckle Park cattle have won numerous awards in shows throughout Western Canada.

In 2006 the Speckle Park breeders of Canada were rewarded for their foresight, dedication and years of hard work in stabilizing, refining and perfecting the breed. In July 2006, the breed was recognized as a PURE BREED by the Canadian Minister of Agriculture, the first and only cattle breed to come from Saskatchewan Canada.

The meat is lean, yet well marbled.

Speckle Park Cattle are able to achieve AAA marbling without the thick layer of outer fat which usually accompanies a AAA carcass. The AAA marbling makes for tasty, tender beef.

Breeders of the larger framed breeds are finding Speckle Park bulls a good choice for breeding. They not only contribute to calving ease, but also increase carcass quality.

The main goal at Notta Ranch is to improve and expand the Speckle Park breed throughout the world.

The Speckle Park breed has made great strides in Australia and those breeders can be complimented for their untiring efforts. Notta Ranch genetics can be seen in many of those progressive herds.

Enthusiasts from New Zealand, England and Ireland are also getting on board with Speckle Park cattle.

Please take time to explore the website and learn more about our genetics and our ranch. We invite your visit and look forward to your call.

- Jason & Sara Goodfellow and family

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